Porn for the Blind

porn for blind
Photos from Tactile Mind, Lisa Murphy
Porn is visual, sometimes a little too much so with very bright lighting and close-ups of lady bits and man parts that I really didn't need to see magnified in a glossy or a skin flick.

How many times have you watched a porno and thought, Ew! Why does his butt have so many pimples on it?

Oh, that's just me?

Anyway, there is a new pornographic book, made for the blind. Porn to the touch! I'm excited about it and I can't read Braille.


Tactile Mind is a book by Lisa Murphy and it's filled with 2-D photographs and braille for the visually impaired. It's not hardcore porn, but it sure is sexy. It sells for $225 -- expensive, but a lot goes into the making of it.

Murphy photographed her friends in the nude, then she enlarged the images and built them up with clay to make porn for the blind

In the 70s and 80s, Playboy had a Braille edition, but the images couldn't be felt, making Tactile Mind the first of its kind.

As a person who has sight, I can just imagine running my fingers over these images with my eyes closed, feeling the texture, the ridges, using my imagination more ... which might even make it sexier than seeing some porn that's out there. The sense of touch is a powerful turn-on.

Applause for Lisa Murphy!

What do you think of porn for the blind? About time, right?

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