7 Dates for Kate Gosselin

kate gosselin
Photo from ABC
I'm loving Kate Gosselin these days -- sure she's a little stiff on Dancing With the Stars and sometimes a tad difficult during the practice sessions, but this is a woman with eight kids going through a very public divorce from a man who wears mid-life crisis clothes from Ed Hardy. It ain't easy being Kate. I sympathize. And I love her new hair.

So I thought of some men who would make a good match for the divorcee.

  1. Maksim Chmerkovskiy -- Kate's Dancing With the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani, is married, so why not the fiery Maks? Kate has even said she wished she was partnered with Maks instead. And sure, he criticized her saying she's missing the point of Dancing -- "the pain on her face says it all" -- but a little debate can be great in a relationship.
  2. One of Jason Mesnick's friends -- The one-time Bachelor, now Molly's hubs, Jason seems like a sappy push-around, and Kate is certainly dominating, so why not one of Mesnick's unattached, but has kids friends? If he has any male friends, that is.
  3. Tony Stewart -- NASCAR's Tony Stewart would be a big change for Kate -- he might as well be the opposite of Jon. But here's why I think it would work: Tony's a strong man's man and Kate could use a guy like that in her life. Plus if Jon had custody of the kids on the weekend, Kate could travel around the country with Tony and be trackside at all the races.
  4. Liam Neeson -- If this widower was ready to date again, I think the Clash of the Titans star would be a great match for Kate. Sexy, Irish, prefers to avoid spotlight -- he could teach Kate a thing or two. And be a great step-dad to the kids.
  5. David Goldman -- He's the dad behind the Brazilian custody battle, the one where the wife took their child to her native Brazil, then divorced David and didn't let him have custody. She remarried, passed away, and David fought to get his son back. A passionate dad -- exactly what Kate needs.
  6. Bret Michaels -- He's a wild card for Kate, but I think Bret would worship her -- he sure does love the ladies. And since Kate is buddy-buddy with Pam Anderson on Dancing, maybe she could facilitate the introduction. That would end any Rock of Love sequel, but I think no one wants any more of that anyway.
  7. John Cusack -- Why is this guy still single? Cusack is the ultimate anti-hero (I'm trying not to hold Hot Tub Time Machine against him) and seems like he'd be quite the romantic. He could help Kate relax since he appears laid back and I don't think there would be any trust issues here.

Who do you think Kate should date?

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