3 Great Spots for Parents to Have Sex

Flickr photo by StaR_DusT
It's not easy to find time to have sex when you are a parent. So we have get creative, right?

In my quest to have more sex with my husband (while still being a good mom to infant twins), I thought of the three best spots and scenarios to get it on.

  1. Family parties. Big family events are the new hanging out in bars with friends. Pre-parenthood, my man and I have got it on in bar bathrooms. Now, when the kids are having fun with grandma at someone's third birthday, we can sneak away at big family parties and do it in Auntie's powder room.
  2. Hotel rooms. Provided hotel is around the corner. Instead of getting a sitter so we can enjoy a night out dining at some fancy restaurant, why not just get a room for an hour or so and grab some fast food on the way home.
  3. During a playdate. My kids are too little for this one, but I think it could work when they get older. Meet up with some parent friends at a local jungle gym and then ask your good friend to keep an eye on Junior while you dash home for a quickie.

Totally irresponsible parenting? Perhaps in the eyes of some. But it's very responsible "caring for your marriage" kind of stuff. Now if only I can locate my libido.

Have you tried one of these spots out? Have another to add?

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