6 Reasons Mama Needs a Duncan Hines Brownie Husband

On SNL this weekend, Tina Fey reminded me about something that's been missing in my life, that certain something, or shall I say, certain someone I've been longing for all along -- a Duncan Hines Brownie Husband.


6 Reasons Mama Needs a Brownie Husband:

  1. He's HOT.
  2. He never needs a shower, just a microwave.
  3. I won't mind cleaning up after my Brownie Husband (especially the crumbs he leaves in bed! mmmmm...).
  4. He gets baked alright, but he doesn't slur in front of the kids or fall asleep on the couch.
  5. Think about the weekends with this big hunk, OH GOD YES YES YES, the Brownie Husband Sundaes...
  6. Because late at night, when I'm tired and the work day has been long and the evening with the kids even longer, there's nothing I'd rather do that make out with a chocolate brownie man and French kiss his caramel-oozing mouth. That's right. I said it.

Why do you need a Brownie Husband? C'mon, I know you want one.

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