Romance Tip: Have a Picnic ... In Your House!

Floor Picnic
Flickr photo by helenadagmar
After the kids go to sleep, do you find yourself staring at each other, wondering how long before you can turn the TV on?

You don't have to pay a sitter to get into the romantic-twosome mood. Anything out-of-the-ordinary and special will take you out of the humdrum everyday-life rut and make you feel silly, special – and maybe even a little sexxy.

Candles are nice; wine is great; but how about setting up a floor-based treat for two, no ants invited?

Why don't you have a picnic at home?


Put together a basket of homey, country treats – fried chicken, biscuits, celery sticks, pie – and put on a frisky little sundress. (Never mind that it's 60 degrees and 9 p.m! This is fantasy!) Push the coffee table over to the side and spread a big fleece blanket on the floor – and grab the throw-pillows! Why not, you're not really outside!

If you want to go super-deluxe, grab an ice-bucket for wine (or a couple of beers), some fake flowers (or grab some real ones from outside), maybe even some leftover Easter grass for, well, grass. Let your imagination run wild! I even have a "night-in-the-woods" soundtrack from when the baby needed white-noise to sleep. Let the crickets chirp!

This is just part of a larger "do something unexpected" strategy to keep you and your husband looking at each other with fresh eyes. Experts say that the more you mix things up, consciously avoiding routines and ruts, the longer your "in-love" feeling can last.

Of course, plenty of guys are going to balk at silly stuff like a floor picnic. But let's face it -- nobody says "no" to pie. And once his butt is on the floor and he's got a mouthful of chicken, and the two of you are laughing about how entirely goofy this idea is, you'll both appreciate how this crazy little plan can turn an ordinary night into a delicious date.

Have you ever had a picnic in your house?

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