This Is the Kind of Love That I Want ...

old couple
Flickr photo by maverick2003
Each night, I pass a little old couple on my street, sitting on the sidewalk in lawn chairs, listening to classical music that they play from a tape player that's probably 20 years old.


Now granted, this is New York City, so it's a little odd for someone to just sit on the sidewalk in lawn chairs. But they do, every day.

Even when it was blistery cold out, they were there. The husband would tuck the wife into a big blanket before snuggling himself in.

They just sit there, holding each other and listening to the music as the day draws to a close.

I'm so intrigued by their love that I like to make up stories about them. Stories of love, being tested by all sorts of things like war, disasters, economically hard times. Gosh, I bet they've seen it all.

And it's every day. Like clockwork. These two make a point each day to spend at least an hour with each other. It doesn't matter how long the to do list is, it doesn't matter what the weather is like (unless it's raining, then they stay inside). They make time for it, even after all these years.

I want a love like that.


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