Next in Birth Control, Cute Condom Containers: Links I Love

Flick photo by Hi! Rorro
It's Frisky Friday, so here's some links I love that will keep the lovemaking from being baby-making:

  •  I can barely even say the name of all the different birth control pills out there, much less tell the difference between them. Check out this breakdown of the different pills that are out there to see which one is best for you. -- Betty Confidential
  •  What's next in birth control? Chewable birth control pills, a pill that causes you to have a period once a month (heaven!), and a male contraceptive pill. -- Marie Claire
  •  If we use condoms, we all have our designated areas that we keep condoms in. But I'm kind of loving these cute containers for them. Is that weird? -- The Frisky
  •  If you go off the pill, your body goes through quite a roller coaster ride. Learn what to expect. -- Fit Sugar
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