Married Life: Snuggling Is Sexy

feet in bed
Flickr photo by dml82
Most of my mornings, the good mornings, go down something like this:

I nurse the twins around 6 a.m., then lay them back into the co-sleeper for some "snugs" with the hubs.


Yep, snuggling. Some days, it's the most action we get between the sheets. But I'm not complaining because I love it.

These times can last anywhere from two minutes (if I'm running behind schedule to get in the shower) or an hour ... those longer ones are usually on the weekends and when the babies don't want to join in on our snuggle.

Snugs, though, is just the two of is. We decide which way to snug -- me spooning him or him spooning me. I don't have a preference, though sometimes I get turned out if his body is behind mine because, well, it's morning and, um ... some things just beg for (or stand at) attention.

I don't always get to pay attention to his morning salute, but it does make me happy that it likes to remind me it still loves me anyway.

Do you snuggle with your hubby?

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