Dating Rule: Paying the Bill

dinner bill
Flickr photo by rick
Quick calculation: Say you go on one to two dates a week. Obviously, the prices will vary, but let's average and say each night costs approximately $50 (give or take). That's $400 a month, just on dates.

Whew. Glad I'm not a single dude.


As much as I (and my wallet) love the traditional "guy pays for the date" idea, it just isn't fair. Even on the first date, I'll do the little faux reach for my wallet move (though major point loss if he makes me use it ... modern times my ass, that's still part of the mating dance). Quoting the wise words of Seinfield, "It's nice to get a reach." But after that, I look at it as equal territory. He gets the movie tickets, I get the popcorn. If we're out drinking, we'll take turns getting rounds. Dinner at a restaurant, we split the bill.

Unless he orders lobster. Then he's on his own.

Do you think men should be expected to always pay for the dates? What about the first date?





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