Breakups During Pregnancy: Not Cool

Tiki Barber Ginny
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty
Another cheating man?! Tiki Barber, a twin, has reportedly dumped his pregnant with twins wife after an affair with Traci Johnson, a 23-year old former intern for NBC.

Ginny, Tiki's wife, is 8 months into her twin pregnancy. I had twins. Most twins are born early, which means she is due any day now.

Quite a few celebrity men have left their pregnant wives ....


Tom Brady left Bridget Moynahan a couple of months into her pregnancy for Gisele Bundchen.

Billy Crudup split with Mary Louise Parker when she was in her 7th month of pregnancy. For Claire Danes.

Nas and Kelis broke up when Kelis was 7 months pregnant.

Now Tiki joins the list.

How could you, Tiki? Why couldn't you just wait until after the birth? The stress this woman must be going through at a crucial time is not healthy. Plus, Tiki has spoken out about how his father was a cheater and how uncool that was!

I know I was very difficult, especially at the end of my twin pregnancy. Hormones were raging. But then again, some men cannot comprehend this. I just can't help but feel it's just such an insensitive thing for a man to leave his pregnant partner.

Men. You are seriously letting me down.

If the end of a relationship is imminent, do you think the couple should stick it out for the birth? Or is it better to end it asap?

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