Couple of the Week: Vanna & Pete

Photo by Ayla-bellesmom

Having kids and making love last is not always a walk in the park. So we've decided to highlight those lovebirds who've managed to make it work. Please meet Vanna (aka Ayla-bellesmom) and her fiance Pete, a fun-loving couple who know the importance of just taking a time out.


How did you meet? We met about ten years ago and we've been together for nine of those years. Our friends actually met online, and dragged both of us along because they didn't want to go alone.

Was it love at first sight? I think it was puppy-love at first sight. I think real, deep love takes time and knowing each other. It was definitely more than lust. Maybe it was a more innocent kind of love.

What are your favorite quirks about each other? Vanna: My favorite quirk about Pete would be how he has to play every little tune he hears on guitar. It'll be on TV or something and then ten seconds later you hear him hammering it out on the guitar. It's funny.

Pete: Vanna is a nurturer. She's always trying to feed, keep and take care of everyone. Also, she has an accent. She says she doesn't but she does. Just ask her to say "skull." It's weird, sexy though. And she's always singing. She'll be doing dishes, taking a shower, and singing.

If you could change one thing about each other, what would it be? Vanna: I would probably change his paranoia. It's like he thinks I'm going to burn the house down if I accidentally leave the oven on for five minutes after dinner is done, and he makes me double check every time I turn off my straightener. If we're coming to a road and there's a car, he holds his arm out in front of me. I don't know if I would change that honestly, because I kind of like it too, but maybe just tone it down a little bit.

Pete: Her temper! I got me a feisty woman, and I like it, but sometimes she just takes off!

What is the sexiest thing about your partner? Vanna: I love watching him play guitar, and I love watching him "be" a dad. Both are incredibly sexy. He also has this one little smile he gets sometimes, sort of a half smile on one side of his mouth, it's SO sexy.

Pete: She has some killer pipes. If you heard her sing, you'd fall in love with her. Also, she's so fiery and so smart, and there's nothing hotter than watching her get all fired up about something. It's funny (as long as it's not me) and sexy at the same time. Oh, and she has a great rack!

How has your life changed since your daughter, Ayla-belle (2 1/2), was born? Before we had Ayla, we both worked, I was in school, and we partied a lot. Money was like play for us. We spent a lot, went out a lot, ate out a lot. We were hardly home. Now we have a family. We pay bills on time. We buy groceries (before I got pregnant you were lucky to find bottles of water, beer, and Chinese food in the fridge). We do more "kid friendly" things like go to the park and swimming.

Is there anything that you do now that you thought you'd never do? Oh yeah. I never in a million years thought I'd be staying at home. It was never something I thought I wanted to do. I didn't have that emotional desire to be a mom before I was one really. I mean, I always wanted kids, but I didn't really feel it the way some people do.

What are some ways that you keep the romance alive? We do a lot of things together, we make sure that we're both really involved and interested in what the other is doing. We talk, a lot, about everything. We take time out, alone for each other. I've heard some women say they don't need time away from their kids, well, we do. I love my daughter to death, but my relationship with Pete is so important as well. We need that intimate time alone together otherwise both of us start to feel a little neglected. We also have a really active sex life. Some people don't think that matters, but for us, it definitely does.

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