Thongs: Why Do Men Love Them So Much?

Flickr photo by GypsyFae
While hanging out with some girl friends, the subject somehow turned to underwear and one of my friends said that she only wears thongs. She's a newlywed, no kids.

I was still shocked. A thong? Every day?


Even when I was at my sassiest, I didn't wear a thong every day. Sexy undies, yes, but a butt-munching strip of fabric that feels like an enterna-wedgie all the time? Um, no thanks.

I don't care how much my man found it sexy, I just wouldn't wear a thong all day. I might slip into one when I got home and wanted to have some funky good times, but that would be it.

I can't help but feel that the thong was created by a man for his viewing pleasure only. And when women tried it on, we realized that certain pants and dresses look more streamline in the back if you are wearing a thong.

We ended up just dealing with the discomfort, just like that of certain extreme push up bras with underwire, because, well, we looked soooo sexy in them. And for some, maybe something between those sweet cheeks was a turn on. Not for me -- I'm just saying.

I go the lacy boy short route when I want to wear some titillating underthings for my husband. And he seems to be turned on just fine by them ... and me in (or out) of them.

I can't help but wonder why men find thongs so hot. And why do some of us wear them when they are like a torture device?

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