Why Do Men Cheat?, Wife Sues Mistress: Links I Love

Brittny Drye

Flickr photo by Nick Schweitzer
With all of the cheating spouse news going on, it might be good to learn what to look for ... just in case:

  • Which is worse: Physical or emotional cheating? For women, it's worse if it's emotional cheating, for men, physical cheating is more painful. -- Marie Claire
  • A recently married man sheds light onto why men cheat -- and the short answer is because they're unhappy. -- Betty Confidential
  • Not to cause paranoia, but if you feel like your spouse may be cheating, there are certain signs (such as emotional unavailbility, anger, and criticism) that you should watch for. -- Yahoo! Shine
  • A betrayed wife sues her husband's mistress for $9 million ... and won! -- The Examiner
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