Why Do Men Cheat?, Wife Sues Mistress: Links I Love

Flickr photo by Nick Schweitzer
With all of the cheating spouse news going on, it might be good to learn what to look for ... just in case:

  • Which is worse: Physical or emotional cheating? For women, it's worse if it's emotional cheating, for men, physical cheating is more painful. -- Marie Claire
  • A recently married man sheds light onto why men cheat -- and the short answer is because they're unhappy. -- Betty Confidential
  • Not to cause paranoia, but if you feel like your spouse may be cheating, there are certain signs (such as emotional unavailbility, anger, and criticism) that you should watch for. -- Yahoo! Shine
  • A betrayed wife sues her husband's mistress for $9 million ... and won! -- The Examiner
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