Third Anniversary Help: What Are Some Great (Faux) Leather Gift Ideas?; $72
My third wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and my husband and I try to stick to the traditional gift list.

I don't know why, exactly, except that it helps my husband if he has some parameters to shop within. But while paper and cotton were relatively easy for us, leather (the third year traditional gift) is posing some problems!


I suppose I should clarify: posing some problems for me. I can give my husband a mile-long list of purses and accessories that would fit the bill (like the faux-leather handbag from to the left), but what do I buy him?

Before you suggest a wallet or watch (both great suggestions, you should know), he already has a great wallet and watch he loves. Neither need replacing or upgrading. (I wish they did!)

Other than those two items, I'm drawing a serious blank.

Can you suggest a great faux-leather gift for my husband? Also, do you follow the traditional wedding gift list?

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