How to Eco-fy Your Sex Life

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Being romantic (or even getting naughty) can be eco-friendly as long as you stay away from "blood" diamonds, petroleum jelly, and cyberskin or PVC sex toys.

Easy enough!

Check out these simple and sexy tips for turning up the heat with your partner ... without, well, turning up the heat.

  • Shower together -- you'll use less water as long as you don't take too long in there. 
  • When eating, share a cup, plates, forgo the utensils -- eat with your hands. Feed each other.
  • Use one napkin or better yet, lick food off each other. Okay, that might go a little too far for some.
  • Don't wear clothes. Less laundry!
  • Keep the lights off, use candles.
  • In summer, don't turn on the air conditioner. Sweat it out together. In bed.
  • In winter keep the heat low and snuggle under the blankets together. Work up your own heat.
  • Have sex. Getting frisky releases endorphins, which relives pain and stress so essentially making you healthier, less need for doctors, medicine ... and of course that's good for the earth.

Is your sex life eco-friendly?

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