Meeting the Parents: Just Be Yourself!

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Sure, there are things that I'd rather do than meet a guy's parents for the first time. Flossing with a branch and swallowing razorblades are two things that come to mind.

But, if you're seriously dating a guy, it's inevitable.


Thanks to my inability to hold down a long and meaningful relationship, I haven't had to endure this torture since I met my ex-fiance's folks back in 2004. I was great with parents back then, but it's been a few years.

So when my current beau asked me to meet his parents while they were in town, I was hesitant. Thank goodness it was via text and he couldn't see the horrified face that I'm sure I made.

"Just think of it as free dinner and drinks," he said.

He knows me too well.

So we made plans to meet them for a Friday night dinner. Walking up to the restaurant, my stomach was in knots. Call me traditional, but what my guy's parents think of me is really important. I don't want to be the girlfriend that everyone gossips about the moment she leaves the room.

After a few minutes of waiting, the three of them walk up. He's the spitting image of his dad and I get a glimpse into what he's going to look like in twenty years. Shudder. Awkward introductions are made (gotta love that weird limbo between a hug and handshake) and we take our seats.

First thing his dad does is order a Bourbon. Of course, this causes me to immediately like him. We follow suit, ordering cocktails around the table while his mother starts asking the typical questions: What do I do, where am I from, blah, blah, blah. Then she asks the question that I really hoped wouldn't be asked: How did we meet.


You see, we met at a Halloween party. And I use the term "met" very loosely because I don't really remember it. Apparently (and this is him telling me), as soon as he walked into the party, I sashayed up to him in my Holly Golightly outfit, lifted up his mask, said, "You're cute," and planted a big ol' smooch on him. And then I introduced myself.

Classy, eh?

But I'm an awful liar, so I told the story. And surprisingly it broke the awkward ice. Who'd a thunk? Or maybe it was the second round of cocktails. Either way, the rest of the night went on with ease. His mom got drunk and started high-fiving me every time we agreed on something, and his dad serenaded me in French, while my poor guy was trying to make sure they didn't traumatize me. I had a blast and I'm pretty sure they loved me. It was definitely one of those "it only works out when you stop trying" situations.

It's exactly why I think all of those "meeting the parents" tips out there are useless. Right up there with the over-the-top sex advice (I am not an acrobat!). What's so wrong with being yourself? He finds you fantastic, so why wouldn't his parents?

Now he wants me to meet his sisters. Gulp.

What was it like when you met your SO's parents for the first time?

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