Ask Dad: Why Does He Insist On Doing Something I Don't Like?

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If you want to know something about a man, ask a man. Me, I mean. Are there any other men here?

Why does my husband keep asking to go down on me when he knows I do not enjoy or desire oral sex? Why won't he just accept it?

Lots of reasons.


One is ego. He thinks he can convert you to an oral fan with his extraordinary cunnilingual skills, just like some guys think they can win over a hot lesbian with their irresistible studliness. It's just how guys are. Try not to hold it against us, though. We're told all our lives that if we are hardworking and persistent, we can achieve anything we want. Only later in life do we realize that it's not always true.

Your hubby might also fear that if he doesn't service you in that way, you won't return the favor. The thought of not getting blow jobs can make a grown man weep.

I'm sure he wants to give you pleasure, too, especially if you have difficulty reaching orgasm through intercourse, as many women do. A lot of men enjoy giving as much as receiving, probably because it's a win-win: you get off, and he gets off by getting you off.

You aren't alone in not enjoying oral. Some people think it's nasty, some think it's wrong, and others just don't get pleasure from it. This can be hard to swallow (ahem) for people who enjoy the act. To each his/her own, I say. Some people like oysters, and I'll never understand that.

I don't know your husband, so it's hard to tell you how to convince him to keep his face out of your pants. I think you first need to find out why he is so insistent on doing something you don't enjoy.

The other moms here might have some better advice, though. Anyone?


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