Silly Husbands, Vibrators in Public: Best Love & Sex Comments of the Week

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We love talking about love. And sex. And everything in between. And we enjoy reading what you guys have to say about what we write (and any hot bedroom tips you may have), so speak up!

Today, we'll spotlight some of the best comments from The Stir's Love & Sex channel, as well as some celebrity input from around the web.


From Hello Marriage? Please Hold: nonmmber Erin says, "I loved this. I think we're married to the same man -- I'll let you have him. My husband is so stupid with phones that he was actually texting with a total stranger for awhile, believing it to be me. I'm sure they were a little spicier than my texts! I think you'll find some things to relate to on my site., dedicated to the mind-blowingly stupid stuff only a husband could do."

I checked out your site ... hilarious! Thank you for sharing. 

From Pirates Pendant for Adults ...Avast Ye!: ethans_momma06 says, "It is so cute! But I don't think I could wear a vibrator out in public. It's all so discreet until you run into someone who knows what it is."

But if they know what it is, that means they're just as naughty as you! Tee hee!

From No Trees? No Sex: cbiltz says, "Wow! What a ridiculous and very anti-Earth way to 'solve' a non-existent problem. Seriously? This is what people there are worrying about? Tthat couples are sneaking off into the woods for sex? Are they worried that some people might get poison ivy or perhaps mosquito bites? Aren't there any more pressing problems that need to be solved there? Ay-yi-yi!"

100% agree with you! This was such a drastic and ridiculous "solution."

Alyssa Milano, who will be starring in the upcoming show Romantically Challenged, tweeted some of her own romantic advice, "You might be #RomanticallyChallenged if ... you sleep with more than two pets in the bed."

Well, I just have one but he's so attention-hungry that it's basically two. Or more. Maybe that's the reasoning for my lack of romance.

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