Romance Tip: Get a Formal Portrait

My grandparents, Arax and John,
Candid shots are cute and all, but don't you love looking through your parents' photo albums and seeing all those posed shots of young couples, looking slightly self-conscious and oh-so-serious? The best is when you can track them through the years in several of those posed shots. Nothing says "a romance that lasted" like seeing a couple through the years.

Why don't you take a few hours and have a photo-portrait done?


Portraits aren't just for wedding days. You and your one-and-only should make this a regular event – even if it's just at Sears, or even on a planned outing with an amateur-shutterbug pal. The point is to make a conscious choice to dress up, do your hair and nails (if that's your thing), and make space and time to record a moment in your lives together. In my iPhoto file, most of the recent pictures are of him with the baby, or me with the baby. Later, I know I'm going to be sad I didn't hand the camera over to someone else once in a while!

It's too easy (and I'm guilty of this right now, with my undyed hair and my fat pregnancy nose) to say "I don't look my best, I don't want a record of me at this weight / with this hair / before my boob job."

Do you look at those old photos and go "eyuw, Nanny had a poochy belly?" No – you're too busy admiring her swimsuit, or searching that lovely young face for the one you knew years later. Let go of those worries and spend some time just looking at each other, or hugging and enjoying the closeness, while someone else snaps away. You're sure to end up with something Facebook-ready, and in the long run you'll be glad you did.

The important thing is to keep your mind on loving thoughts and fun feelings. Too much self-conscious posing, and you could end up on Awkward Family Photos.

Bonus idea: Go on your own and get some boudoir shots -- or ditch the formal idea and get a set of four fun photo-booth snaps!

Have you tried this romance tip? Would you?

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