OB-GYN Sells Sex Toys, Chocolate Vibrator: Links I Love

Flickr photo by PinkMoose
It's Frisky Friday! Okay, so I might have just made that up, but it is Friday, so here are some frisky links I love:

  • Cell phone, mouthwash, bobby pin ... what do these things have in common? -- Cosmopolitan
  • If you have $60K to spend, you can always buy a diamond vibrator. Seriously, who does that? Check out the twelve other ridiculously expensive luxury sex toys. -- The Frisky
  • Sex and candy, two of life's greatest pleasures. And sex toy shop Babeland finally combined the two to create a chocolate vibrator. And it's in the shape of a bunny. Happy Easter (that just seems wrong on so many levels). -- New York Press
  • A NYC gynecologist has started selling sex toys directly to his patients as part of his medical practice. -- Details
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