A Dating Story: He Fell Asleep!

movie theater
Flickr photo by emdot
Did you have a hot date last night and are bursting at the seams to tell someone? Spill, honey.

Maybe you went on a really great date a year ago that still makes you weak in the knees (lucky girl!) ... we want to hear about it!

We even want to know about those awful first date stories (which I have way more than my share of)!

Every week, we'll peek into the dating lives of our readers, and this week Ashley, who's a mom to two-year-old Carson, shares a hilarious date story (but it was before she was married so, sshh, don't tell her husband).


Who did you go on a date with? It was with this guy Josh, who I dated in high school, and two other couples who were friends of ours.

What did you do on your date? We went out to eat and then went to the movies to see The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio.

What did you wear? Casual clothes. We were still in high school, so we definitely weren't flowing with cash.

Who made the plans? One the girls that went with us and her boyfriend made the plans.

What was the most memorable part of the date? The most memorable part of the date was when the movie was interrupted by the sound of someone snoring ... and I hate to say it, but it was coming from MY date! We couldn't help but laugh and mess with him while he slept so sound! Either I am a horrible date or DiCaprio's acting skills just weren't doing it for him.

Whether it be a first date or the 100th date with your hubby of ten years, we want to hear about it! If you want your dating story to be featured, shoot us an email telling us about it and select Love & Sex as the subject.


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