Romance Tip: Hold Hands

holding hands
Flickr photo by tanjila
While walking over to my sister's house to meet our new niece, my husband held my hand. It was a simple gesture. He actually placed his hand on mine, which was pushing our twins in their stroller.

But that simple gesture made me all warm and fuzzy inside.


Remember when hand holding was such a big deal? It was like half way to first base or something back in middle school.

Holding hands meant something -- it meant I like you. It meant I'm not embarrassed to be seen with you. It meant You now have my cooties.

As an adult, it still means all of that and more. (Hopefully without the cooties.) It means I remember to do the little things because I love you.

Hold hands when walking together or hold hands on the table while sitting at a restaurant.

Hold hands in the car or hold a knee if driving with two hands, or hold hands while sitting on the couch.

Do you and your partner hold hands?

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