Tickle Your Fancy . . . Among Other Things

Photo from Coco de Mer
Bringing toys into the bedroom can be a little bit intimidating. While the end result may be rafter swinging, if you haul in a big gun you could face resistance from your partner.

That's why a feather tickler may be the perfect accessory to spicing up your lovemaking.


This feather tickler from Coco de Mer is beautifully designed from reclaimed teak, handcrafted in Indonesia (fair wage, fair trade) and overflowing with cockrel feathers.

It's a soft, non-abrasive injection into the boudoir. If you forget to put it in your nightstand, it's not screaming "sex toy!" to whomever might be crashing into your room, uninvited.

While we'll let you discover what you want tickled; let's just say we've heard "the boys" are always up for dusting. Then a little quid pro quo is in order, yes?


Feather Tickler ($16) -- Coco de Mer

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