Couple of the Week: Kentrina & Ben

Kentrina and Ben
Having kids and making love last is not always a walk in the park. So we've decided to highlight those lovebirds who've managed to make it work. Please meet Kentrina and her husband Ben, who were high school sweethearts and are still just as crazy about each other as they were when they met. Even if there's no time for romance. 


When did you meet? A mutual friend introduced us at a sweet sixteen birthday party.

Was it love at first sight? Kentrina: He thought so!
Ben: She was hard to catch, but I was running fast. Might not have been love, but it was something.

What was the courtship like? Typical high school relationship, with the exception of different states/schools/and a 45-minute drive away. It was a long distance thing for a while. 

What are your favorite quirks about each other? Ben: She does this amazing thing ...
Kentrina: Please don't post that! 

Ben take 2: I have to pick one? 

Ben take 3: She doesn't need a cookbook or recipe to make an amazing meal that would make Chef Ramsay proud. She is my own personal Emeril!
Kentrina: That he always sings to me, even if he doesn't know the words.

If you could change one thing about each other, what would it be? Ben: That she insists she needs to wear makeup.
Kentrina: I'm listing two -- that his feet wouldn't stink, and that he wouldn't snore before I get a chance to turn off the TV.

How has your life changed since kids were born? Ben: We only sleep in the same bed for a couple of hours at a time, since we don't have the heart to ferberize the two-year-old.
Kentrina:  The house is always a mess.

Is there anything you do now that you never thought you would do?  Drive a car that's classified as a minivan, but it's really a crossover!  

How do you make time for romance? "Time for romance?" After the kids are asleep, nursing homework is done, no tests the following day, and no fire calls we might get to watch a TV show without Ben falling asleep.

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