Romance Tip: Show Love With a Stamp

Remember when we suggested that you mail your partner a love letter? You can add even more of a romantic touch just by how you stick the stamp.


Stamp placements have different meanings. I know, very sexy secret agent-like, right?

It's thought to have originated in the 1840s when the recipient of a letter paid for its postage. With these secret codes, the senders were able to convey their message to the recipient without making them pay for the formal acceptance of the letter. Basically, it was a big scam against the postal service.

It's popularity grew during times of war, when soldiers were limited in what they could write to their loved ones back home as well as amongst young lovers whose parents carefully monitored their romantic affairs. With a simple stamp arrangement, they could secretly communicate their love for someone.

You can either put this to use by adding it to that love letter that I know you're penning, or buy a postcard (or take one you bought on a past vacation together) and fill it with secret stamp codes. Here are some different meanings:

  • Upside down means, "I love you."
  • At right angle, top right corner means, "Do you love me?"
  • Center of envelope, at top, answers, "Yes."
  • At right angle in line with the surname means, "I long to see you."
  • Upright in line with surname means, "Accept my love."

It's also good to be wary of this when you're mailing that electric bill.

Had you ever heard of stamp placements having different meanings?

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