Same-Sex Wedding Magazine: "Equally Wed"

Photo from Equally Wed
Now that a number of states are (finally) legalizing marriage between same-sex couples, even more folks can take part in the stressful joy of wedding planning: The crazy bridezillas, the ugly bridesmaid dresses, the grooms that don't cooperate ... yay.

Just kidding, wedding planning is a breeze ... ahem.


But I do love that they've created an online magazine that's targeted just to same-sex couples called Equally Wed. The current issue has gay-friendly honeymoon locales, masculine and feminine tuxes, a state-by-state guide where same-sex marriage is legally recognized, and enough romantic marriage and proposal stories to make a single girl like me gag and swoon at the same time.  

Equally Wed was created when editor-in-chief Kirsten Palladino found a serious lack of love for the GLBT community in wedding magazines while she was trying to plan her own wedding with her partner. Now, thanks to her, both gay and straight couples have a new (and amazing) source for when they're ready to tie the knot.

And just in time for wedding season.

Are you excited to see this new online wedding magazine?



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