Date Night Idea: Head to a Hotel Bar

W Hotel Sf
Photo from W Hotel SF
Date night again? Scrub your mind of thoughts of preschool applications, budgets, and school auctions. Remember, this is about the two of you feeling the excitement and amour of your pre-kid days. So no thinking about the kids, and no talking about the kids.

As for your outsides, get all dolled up – as if you were dressing up for someone special. Because you are!

And here's the real tip: Head to the swankiest hotel bar in town. Hotel bars are like the perfect storm of sexy date-night fun because:

  • There's always a specialty  cocktail menu filled with either interesting or hilarious concoctions you've never had before. Wake up your taste buds, and the rest of your senses will surely follow.
  • They're designed to showcase your city or town at its best. So just like you dolled yourself up, your town's showing off its best assets, and you can enjoy the deluxe treatment.
  • Most people in this bar are just passing through. They may be flirting. There might even be some misbehavior. It makes for a charged atmosphere. Watch, bask, and enjoy.
  • It's a prime location for your own pretend misbehavior. Role-playing, anyone?
  • You're in an entire building. Full of beds. Right above your heads, beds beds beds. It's the kind of thing that can make a girl's imagination run wild!

Depending where you live, you could have several options at your disposal. Play your cards right, and you'll be going from mommy-and-daddy to who's-your-daddy in no time flat!

Have you taken advantage of the swank? Does it make you feel delightful or dorky? Let us know!

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