Body Pillows and Roseanne: 5 Things About My Love Life

Flickr photo by suchitra prints
Our very own Sheri Reed is filling us in this week with five fascinating things about her love life.

Let's hear it for embarrassing family get-togethers!


1. I don't like to talk about my past love life. It wasn't all that pretty. But I also have very few regrets since all of that stuff led me to the sweet love life I have now with my husband.

2. I think Roseanne & Dan's was the most romantic marriage ever shown on TV.

3. There was an abstract depiction of fellatio in my masters thesis, which I read aloud in front of my whole family. (OMG! Why???)

4. Much to my husband's dismay, we always have an extra in our bed -- my body pillow.

5. All four of my high school boyfriends were at my 20-year high school reunion. I made a point to hug them all, and only one stood freaked out and frozen, like a robot.


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