Nine Unique Online Dating Sites, Dating for Gamers: Links I Love

online dating
Flickr photo by NickStarr
Online dating has become just as normal as meeting someone at your neighborhood bar. If you're thinking about jumping on the online dating bandwagon, check out these links:

  • There are plenty of matchmaking sites beyond the traditional eHarmony and 3-D virtual dates, catering to artsy singles, and mobile apps make these nine other dating sites unique. -- Betty Confidential
  • If you're looking for a hottie with a British accent, check out, a dating website geared towards Americans looking to meet people with accents. -- The Orlando Sentinel
  • Flirt and play games on a new dating site called GameCrush. The site connects gamers playing participating video games on Xbox 360 (hoping to expand to other systems soon). -- Bit Tech
  • Before you jump into online dating, be sure to check out some stats found in a recent study. -- Buzzfeed

Have you ever tried online dating?

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