Facial Hair Turns Me On

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Photo from ABC.com
My husband always alerts me when he is going to shave off his facial hair -- he knows I hate a clean shaven face. In fact, the day I had our twins he shaved. So there I was, laboring for four hours before I was whisked away for an emergency c-section, and I was annoyed about the fact that in all the pictures of him lovingly looking at our newborns he wouldn't look the way I like him to.


Okay, I did forget about it while it was all happening. But when I look back at photos now and see his smooth skin, I think tsk tsk ... I wish he didn't shave!

Kisses with a scruffy beard? I like. And the more hair the better -- the more hubs lumberjacks it up, the sexier I think he looks. 

Ask Men has a feature, written by a woman, about the Facial Hair Styles Women Hate. I don't hate any of them -- but I think the guy with the landing strip looks creepy.

Chin strap, horseshoe moustache, mutton chops, lumberjack, half moustache -- it's all sexy to me. And of course, it depends on who is wearing said facial hair. 

Look at Liev Schreiber sporting mutton chops a few years ago! Yes, he was feeding his baby so that already sent him off the charts of sexiness, but what a man!

Ryan Gosling lumberjacked it up in The Notebook.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been know to sport the half moustache.

Jason Lee and Robert Pattinson -- always!

Sawyer on LOST. HELLO!

So guys don't have to shave face to appeal to me. But then again, Ask Men talks about sexy six-pack abs and I don't find them all that hot either.

Oh and honey, don't be mad about me drawing a mustachio on you in all those hospital pics.

Do you find facial hair sexy?

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