Romance Tip: Mail Your Man a Love Letter

love letter
Flickr photo by Stacy Bass
I love mail. Snail mail. In the age of evites and the interest of being more eco-friendly, I just don't send out a lot of mail. But whenever I do get a letter or card, I get excited. It's a gift in itself and something I usually save unlike an email.

Why don't you mail your man a love letter?


Sure it's going to your house, but address it just to him.

He'll be surprised to see it's from you. You can jot down some sweet nothings. Tell him about a date you want to go on, write down a top five things you love about him list, or make it a naughty note revealing what you want to do to him that night.

I'm trying this with my husband and I'll let you know what happens!

Have you ever tried this romance tip? Would you?

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