Romance Tip: Flirt On Facebook

facebookI flirt with my husband on Facebook. Maybe that's weird to some people. But we both have jobs where we are at our computers all day and sometimes I just pop on his page and leave him a little comment.

And it's sexy. At least we think so.

Here are some of my comments to him:


-- Still love you more than chocolate chip cookies. <3

-- I wrote:  I want to rock wit choo.

          He responded: All night?

          I cleverly wrote back: And dance you into day.

-- Sweet sweet corn ... and a little tomato. (It's a song we made up.)

-- And the photo above of a Real Men Make Twins t-shirt.

And yes, I do the whole tag him in a picture of us looking all cute so it shows up on his page and all his ex-sluts girlfriends see it and think oh wow, he married a harlot nice girl and they are so in love -- how sweet.

I'm just kidding. I am so not a nice girl.

Flirting on Facebook though is like a little reminder during the day that says, hey, I'm thinking about you.

Do you flirt with your partner on Facebook or other social networking site?

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