Romance Tip: Act Like a Kid

Flickr photo by taberandrew
For most families, routine is essential. Heck, if we didn't have routine in my household ... (shudder) ... nevermind, I don't even want to think about what that storm would be like.

But it's sometimes fun to go off the beaten path. It reminds us of a more carefree time when we were younger, before kids, back when a little thing called romance actually existed.


It allows us to be silly, to be ourselves, to laugh, which can be very romantic. Not in the stereotypical roses-and-chocolate way, but in the making-memories-with-your-partner kind of way.

Why don't you ... act like a kid.

  • Go to a playground and swing
  • Play video games
  • Challenge your partner to an old-school board game that you both love
  • Throw a baseball around (it's finally nice weather!)

And if you can, do it without the kids. It will give you guys a much-needed break from playing the mommy and daddy roles.

Do you and your SO ever do something silly together? What's your favorite "kid" activity?

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