Hello, Vagina? Are You Napping?

sexy sex on window
Flickr photo by PinkMoose
I'm four months into motherhood and I just don't want to have sex. I mean, I have better things to do like hang out with my twins, clean the house, sleep -- with so little time during a day, who has time for sex?

I know I should make time. Believe me, I know. My husband lets me know. But really, it's less about the time and more about not feeling sexual. At all!


Now before you start throwing me suggestions or telling me to read this book or that book, you should know I wrote a book all about making time for sex called Hot Sexplay for Your Weekend Away. Even got pregnant shortly after I finished writing it. And I tested out every position and foreplay suggestion in those steamy pages.

I've written tons of published erotic short stories, which, of course, must mean I have a wicked sense of romantic fantasy.

I'm not freaked out by porn, in fact, I rather enjoy it once in a blue.

And I worked at Playgirl magazine for years.

All long before I became a mommy.

These naughty dalliances are things a woman does not forget. So while my mind wants to do the deed, my vagina, well, let's just say it's on some sort of strike.

My boobs are now food. My hormones make me smell funny. My c-section scar is oh-my-god so sensitive. And my lady bits are in need of a bucket of lube or else it's like windshield wipers when there is no rain. I want to have sexy sex, not "owie that hurts are you almost done" sex.

I'm sad.

But when I read Amalah's post on how her sex drive took a nose dive postpartum I got overly excited (in the non-sexual way). I'm not alone! I thought.

So how can I wake up my love button? (Sorry, days of old creeping into the copy!)

Amalah (who is quite the sex kitten) likes these women's libido supplements, but you can't take them when pregnant or nursing. Sigh. Someday. Waa-waa.

I used to love sex. My body used to want it. Maybe I'll jot down a sex fantasy, read The Story of O again -- I've got to do something. I'll try anything to wake this sleeping cat of mine. It's got to be temporary, right?

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