Keeping Your Marriage Strong at Every Age

Flickr photo by Snow Kisses Sky
has a whopping, eleven page article that offers the best tips on keeping your marriage strong in your 20s, 30s and 40s. In case you don't have time to flip through that many online pages, I'm going to pick my favorites and my no-so-much from each decade.


In your 20s:

Favorite: Edit the girl talk

I'm a big believer in hanging out with my ladies, but complaining about your partner is so high school late night phone session. You're in an adult relationship now, take up your issues with the person in front of you -- not people who could start to dislike the person you're calling "insensitive."

Eh: Find one thing that cracks him up

My husband and I spend a huge amount of time together in hysterics. However, the forced suggestions of learning how to imitate a scene in his favorite movie or flashing your boobs seems weird -- not sexy and fun.

In your 30s:

Favorite: Commit random acts of kindess

It's super easy to rush around and have your own to-do list take over your entire brain. But it's great advice to stop and consciously think to do one thing that will make your partner's life easier that day.

Eh: Take an inventory of your underwear drawer

The only reason this should be on the list is that sexy sleepwear = sex. Instead of trying to dress up, don't ditch your comfy pjs, just have sex more often (I know, easier said than done). If your partner associates your torn up concert tee with sex, it will be as popular as a lacy camisole -- and more comfortable for you.

In your 40s:

Favorite: Get yourself hooked on a hobby for two

I mostly love this advice because the implication is you'll have time to spend with each other again after the intense business of your 30s (which I'm so in the middle of). Whoo-hoo! I honestly can't wait to make a list of things we like to do, compare, and start planning.

Eh: Celebrate . . . anything

I just don't get this one. If you're toasting each other randomly, how does that make a special moment, special? I appreciate and celebrate my husband daily -- but not with over the top gestures. I'm thinking that would get old, and fast.

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