Kama Sutra Position of the Week: Yawning

Apolo Ohno yawned before each speed skating competition at the Vancouver Olympics, but it wasn't because he was tired -- it was to relax him and get more oxygen into his lungs.

Yawning takes on another meaning when it comes to this Kama Sutra position.


kama sutra sex position

Think of your legs like a butterfly, opening up and spreading its wings -- your partner enters while kneeling in front of you. How wide and lifted your legs are is up to you, but experiment to see what feels the best -- changing it up can change the intensity. Go with legs straight in the air or bent into your chest. Try sitting upright or lay back -- it's all about the legs "yawning."

Why It's Hot: Eye contact? Yes! Deep penetration? Yes! A great view of the action? Yes!

Level of Difficulty (1 to 5): A solid 3 -- the more limber you are, the wider you'll be able to spread your legs. 

Where to Try It: It's anything but sleepy, but the yawning position is great for bed. You can also be daring and try it on a picnic blanket in a secluded park or on a desk at your office (he'll be standing).

Apolo Ohno as a partner is totally optional.

Have you tried the yawning position?

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