A Dating Story: The State Fair

Photo by jagrus

Did you have a hot date last night and are bursting at the seams to tell someone? Spill, honey.

Maybe you went on a really great date a year ago that still makes you weak in the knees (lucky girl!) ... we want to hear about it!

We even want to know about those awful first date stories (which I have way more than my share of)!

Every week, we'll peek into the dating lives of our readers, and this week's date comes from jagrus who turned a class assignment into a fun and unique date.


What did you do on your date? I had to go to the state fair for an assignment in my Marketing Senior Seminar class. The rest of the class went as a group but I had a doctor's appointment they day they went so Mark and I went on a date so I could get my assignment done. Unfortunately, I didn't get to ride any rides because I was hugely pregnant. After the fair, we went to Applebees because I was hungry.

Did you get a babysitter? No, I was pregnant, so technically, he was with us!

What did you wear? Comfortable clothing.

Who did the planning? We both made the plans and agreed no fanciness.

Would you repeat the activity? We've since gone back to Applebees with his parents and the baby.

Whether it be a first date or the 100th date with your hubby of ten years, we want to hear about it! If you want your dating story to be featured, shoot us an email telling us about it and select Love & Sex as the subject.  


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