Do Powerful Women Make Men Cheat?

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Flickr: Photo by wannabehipster
In the ongoing saga of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock a few writers have stepped out and blamed the victim by talking "Oscar curse." The implication being, men's fragile egos can't take it when their women do something good.

The Daily Beast's Nicole LaPorte brought an especially heinous visual to the pile-on when she asked, 

"Is the ultimate honor for women in Hollywood the ultimate castration for men?"

Wow. Just, wow.



This is a load, and I'm not the only one who understands that men and women are complicated individuals, rarely acting in a herd mentality. Any talk of rends or curses are just a fun way to make an attention getting headline.

Also, let's give the men we know some credit. Do they really behave like Neanderthals if they're lucky enough to be married to a successful woman? ("Woman makes more money! Must put penis in some lower-paid lady!") Pretty insulting to the entire gender if you ask me.

Kate Harding at Salon's Broadsheet hilariously trotted out the names of Oscar-winning men who have also split from their significant others. The list, of course, dwarfed the lady winners.

"So why aren't we more worried about the poor men? Jeff Bridges may have been married to the same woman for over 30 years, but you'll also note that he never won a Best Actor Oscar before this year. Given the bleak history associated with that award, who knows what could happen now? Poor Jeff Bridges."

Men cheat because they're morally bankrupt, or perhaps their lady love hates them or any number of problems not easily described or understand by anyone outside of their union. But if you're married to a successful, accomplished man or woman the likelihood that you'll stray has nothing to do with the number of trophies on the mantel.

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