Competition Can Heat Up Your Love Life

Game romance
Game, set ... perfect match.
My husband is an amazing Trivial Pursuit player. Like, so amazing that people get annoyed and won't play with him. He told me, soon after we met, about a trip to LA with some co-workers who thought it'd be fun to work their way through a box of questions during the drive. By the time they passed the Peachtree Diner, they'd banned him from playing.

I didn't buy it. I mean, the guy knows a lot of arcane stuff, but really? No way. Secretly, I knew I could take him.


Recently, I got my chance. I downloaded a version to play on my phone, and we passed it back and forth, answering questions and winning pie-pieces until we were both in hot pursuit of the coveted middle button. Not only didn't he wipe the floor with me -- I won, fair and square. And when he turned to look at me, it wasn't with annoyance in his eyes. It was with a sexy gleam.

Experts say a little competition can bring out something special in your relationship. It doesn’t have to be over a Parcheesi board. You can see who makes the best pasta sauce, who spits a watermelon seed further, who makes the baby laugh more. Use your imagination. You're good at that, right?

Here, some advice to make the most of your him v. her games:

  • Don't be a sore winner -- or a sore loser. Appreciate the effort, and you both win in the long run.
  • If you go the board game route, pick one you're both reasonably good at. It's no fun playing backgammon with me, the champion trained by Grandpa John from the age of five.
  • Raise the stakes. Make a sexy wager on the outcome. Again, play your cards right and you both win.
  • Once in a while, call it a draw. After all, when it all comes down to it, you're a team.

Does a little competition heat up your romantic life?

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