Best Love & Sex Comments of the Week

paris hilton, twitter

We love talking about love. And sex. And everything in between. And we enjoy reading what you guys have to say about what we write (and any hot bedroom tips you may have), so speak up!


Today, we'll spotlight some of the best comments from The Stir's Love & Sex channel, as well as some celebrity input from around the web.

  • From Has Your Parents' Relationship Shaped Your Love Life?: RanaAurora says, "If anything, my father's absence pushes me to make sure my husband is as involved as possible. (Clarification, my parents are still married but my father's job had horrid hours where he was always gone ... and his social life did the same)."

My father had awful hours, too ... still does, actually. And as much as I know he wanted to be there, he had to be able to provide for our family. I understand the reasoning, but having the ability to be involved in our children's lives is important for me when looking for my future husband.

  • From Taking the Fear Out of Porn: LokisMama writes, "We mostly watch porn for the amusement of it, honestly. The 'plot lines' are terrible, the sex looks fake and we just sit there and giggle and say 'No way, that doesn't happen in real life.' And then you get the really ridiculous ones, like World of Whorecraft, based on the game World of Warcraft. We sat there and identified the various skills and spells they were using from the game, basically ignoring the sex aspect altogether.

I love this! I have a bit of a porn complex, so to ease my way in, I just may have to try the comical route!

  • Former serial single girl Paris Hilton seems like she's found, dare I say it, the one? She tweeted earlier this week, "Another beautiful day in paradise. On our way to lunch with Doug's family. They are so much fun. Love them all so much!"

I know Paris doesn't have the greatest reputation, but I can't help but be happy for her that she's found love. Perhaps I'm just in a lovey-dovey mood today.

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