Romance Tip: Turn Off the TV

vintage tvWhen I get home from work, my husband is sometimes on the couch with the TV on. I give him a smooch, wash up, put on my PJs, and join him. 

And there we sit. Talking only turning commercials or when we solve Wheel of Fortune before the contestants.

The TV is a romance killer. Turn. It. Off.

  • The two of you will be able to talk without interruptions (if the kids are occupied).
  • You'll actually look at each other instead of at the TV.
  • Your conversation will be more meaningful instead of solving the "before and after" puzzle together -- Love Birds Of A Feather!
  • When you do chat, face to face, without electronic interruptions, you can show more body language -- touch your man's hand when you talk, put your hands through his hair -- who knows where that might lead!

Do you do a lot of communicating with your partner while the TV is on?

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