Funniest Pick-Up Lines

coupleI understand that it takes a surge of confidence for a man to approach a woman and attempt to strike up a conversation, knowing that he may risk hardcore rejection.

But, please tell me when one of those cheesy pick-up lines has ever worked.


Over the weekend, I was out with my girlfriends when a guy comes up to me and asks, "Do you have a map?" Being in NYC, this isn't an absolute bizarre question, and, thinking he was a tourist, I said, "No, sorry, but where are you trying to get to?" and he responds, "I'm not sure, but I keep getting lost ... in your eyes."

I laughed in his face. Hard. And then I told my friends and they laughed. Even harder.

Okay, a little harsh, but the guy was visibly a douchebag and, really, what else can you expect seriously using a line like that? If you're doing it to be silly, okay, fine, I can appreciate a sense of humor and will probably laugh with you instead of at you. But if you're going for smooth, try another tactic. I'm thinking something along the lines of "Hello." Ground-breaking, huh?

CafeMom members in the Newcomer's Group are exchanging some really funny pick-up lines that have been used on them (gosh, I love reading these):

SuperPickle: Do you wash your pants in Windex? Because I can see myself in them.

LA09TKP: He says, "Are you hurt?" you say, "No, why?" he responds with, "Just making sure you didn't land hard when you fell from heaven."

sophiasmommy212: Your mom must be a good baker because you've got nice buns.

iloveashton804: I have two: Do you sleep on your stomach? Can I?, and, have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears? (pulls your pockets inside out) Would you like to?

nemiller: When I was in high school, I felt someone messing with the tag in my jacket. I turned around to yell at whoever it was, and this guy says, "Oh, sorry, just checking to see if you were made in heaven, because you must be an angel."

Too funny, ladies!

What's the funniest line you've ever heard and did it work?

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