Embarrassing Stories: Grocery Store Incident

embarrassed girlEmbarrassing moments ... they're proof of Mother Nature's bad sense of humor. And when those embarrassing moments happen when you are trying to impress a guy on a date or during sex (gah!), it's even worse.

But, once time has passed and you've gotten a couple of good therapy sessions in, you learn to laugh about those mortifying incidents.

My embarrassing moment happened just the other day in the grocery store ....


I was picking up my weekly essentials, cruising my cart through the cereal aisle, when my eyes came across a delicious piece of meat, and no, it wasn't misplaced beef from the deli. This guy was beautiful, had a very Gerard Butler-ish look to him. So, as any sane, single girl would do, I grabbed my Cocoa Puffs and followed him.

While going past the canned foods, I was too busy checking out his cute butt (oh it looked so good in those stonewashed jeans) to realize how close I was getting when BAM ... I slammed my cart into the back of his heels.

It was the perfect time for a Twix (you've seen those commercials right? The guy in the commercial doesn't know what to say, so he stuffs his mouth with a Twix bar) ... but unfortunately we weren't in the candy aisle. Instead, I blabbered on about how sorry I was, blah, blah, blah. He wasn't amused. Looked rather pissed, actually. Not that I can blame him -- a grocery cart slammed into the back of your heels ranks about a three on the pain scale.

I darted through the store, picking up the rest of my list, and got the hell out of there. It was utterly humiliating.

And to add insult to injury, I forgot milk. Crap.

If you want to share a story that made your cheeks blush, email me and select Love & Sex as the subject. I'll keep it anonymous!

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