Jesse James, Tiger Woods: Sexts Revealed!

text messageSandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, is rumored to be having an affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and I really really don't want it to be true. There are some sexy text messages just released today that seem to say something was going on.

Same story for Tiger Woods.

Perhaps it's "share your sext day"?

Wondering what they say? The texts from July of last year between Jesse and Michelle are semi-innocent.

Hey Babe.

Hey there hot stuff!


But there are more ...


These naughty texts are from May 2009:

You need it?


"Speaking of licking". ??


Also today, one of Tiger Woods' supposed mistresses, Joslyn James, shared with the world some of the racy messages she reportedly received from the golfer.

In August of 2009, Tiger purportedly texted:

I would like to have a threesome with you and another girl you trust.

I want to treat you rough. Then throw you around, spank and slap you.

Whatever I want. You are mine.

Real? True? I don't know. What do you think?

Does a sexy text automatically mean someone is cheating?

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