A Dating Story: Dinner & a Movie

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Photo by Octobersmom

Did you have a hot date last night and are bursting at the seams to tell someone? Spill, honey.

Maybe you went on a really great date a year ago that still makes you weak in the knees (lucky girl!) ... we want to hear about it!

We even want to know about those awful first date stories (which I have way more than my share of)!

Every week, we'll peek into the dating lives of our readers, and this week's date comes from Octobersmom


What did you do on your date? He picked me up at work and we went to dinner at a restaurant we both enjoy. We held hands, talked about anything but our daughter (yes, mean mommy and daddy). After dinner, we went to see New Moon, and while there was no making out (much to my husband's disappointment), we did snuggle while watching.

Did you get a babysitter? No, my parents volunteered to take our daughter for the weekend. We hadn't had been on a date in well over a year, so we took advantage of the situation.

What did each of you wear? I wore a skirt, low-cut top (it's his favorite), and black knee boots. He wore nice jeans and a sweater.

Who made the plans? We decided what to do together. He even agreed on the movie choice, despite hating the Twilight Saga.

Would you have a repeat of this date? Yes, I love having a night alone with my husband when we're not on parent duty. Once per year or bi-annually just doesn't seem often enough.

Whether it be a first date or the 100th date with your hubby of ten years, we want to hear about it! If you want your dating story to be featured, shoot us an email telling us about it.

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