Romance Tip: Read Story of O



A portion of my bookshelf.


One of my favorite erotic books is Pauline Reage's Story of O. I've read it twice so far and I'm due for another read.

It's that good.

Want romance? Story of O has it ... in ways unexpected. It was originally published in French as Histoire d'O.

It is set in Paris.

A fashion photographer and garter stockings are main characters.


But it's also quite deviant. There are blindfolds and whips, submissives and dominants, and it's intense.

So intense that there were obscenity charges filed against the publisher in 1959. Yes, it was made into a movie, though I haven't seen it. Reading erotic is such a different experience than watching it. It becomes more personal. 

Why don't you ... read Story of O with your partner? Maybe a little bit each night before bed.

Or get two copies and read it separately and discuss. Naughty book club for two.

Or just read it yourself. Let your mind fantasize.

Have you ever read Story of O?

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