Can You Do Better?


Flickr: Photo by Don Hankins

Taking Hot or Not to a whole other level, is new dating website, CanDoBetter. Or rather, a dating site if you aren't quite sure about the person you're with right now and you'd like to see what other people think. Or you're interested in hooking up with someone who was just dumped because their partner was told they "could do better." Or, if you just want people to vote on your picture and hope you can pick up some of the other CanDoBetter users along the way.


I think I'd prefer the creepiness of the classifieds to dating by committee, but if you want to American Idol your love life, check out the hot list and/or try to get yourself on it after you upload your best pic. (Currently Brad Pitt and Rachel McAdams are doing pretty well on the hot list, but not as well as some of the "normal" users on the site.)

Beware as CanDoBetter is quite addictive. I just logged on to verify the address and found myself declaring a Snooki and Ronnie look-alike couple a "perfect match."

Would you use this site to find a date? Or to see if you could do better than your current partner?

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