Romance Tip: Leave a Love Note

love note

Flickr: Photo by Lizard10979

Even if you're having the worst day, it can change for the better just by coming across a little note that says, "Hey, I love you."

No grocery list attached. No "will be home late" reasoning. Just a simple statement saying how much someone digs you.

Instant smile!


So, why don't you ... leave a love note for your someone special.

  • Write on the steamy mirror while your loved one is in the shower.
  • Slip a note into their briefcase or purse.
  • Jot a sweet nothing down on a napkin and stick in their lunch.
  • Save any notes and put them in a scrapbook so you can look back on them. 
  • It lets your sweetie know you care, even if you're not in the same room. 

What would your love note say?

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