Taking the Fear Out of Porn

porn hookWhen I worked at a women's magazine, one of my duties was to edit the incoming letters for the sex advice columnist. Almost every day, I saw questions on one pervasive subject: Porn. Why does he watch it? Aren't I enough? Does this make him a sex maniac?

While plenty of porn is sleazy and gross, there's nothing wrong with watching erotic movies to get your engine revved. It's like any other "marital aid," like vibrators, lube, or a bedroom-door lock: a shortcut to firing up the sexy embers of your marriage.


Here's the trouble: the minute most of us say "fine, let's watch some porn" to the men in our lives, they fire up the stuff they think is sexy. And thus we reveal where men and women differ. Big-time.

Here's my imitation of me watching most porn: "Okay, she's pretty. That looks good. She's enjoying that. OW! WHY IS HE PUTTING IT THERE?!" Click. Click. Click. "Okay. This isn't bad. Everybody's having fun. Hm, that's interes- GAH! WHY WOULD YOU PEE ON THAT?!" Click. Click. Click. "Okay. Hump, hump, hump, hump – Wait, why'd he stop? Where's he putting that? THAT'S NOT GOOD FOR HER COMPLEXION!" And: Scene.

Enter Good Vibrations' adult movie video-on-demand service and guide. You will not believe how easy they've made it to choose, rent, and pre-screen the erotic movies you like, ahead of time, without having to wait for it to show up in the mail or worry the kids will find it. There's a great glossary of different categories, so you can zero in on the stuff you might like the most. There are a number of ways to view them in the privacy of your own laptop.

Nobody has to know you're poking around the triple-X features – not until you're ready to share. So take a look. See what you think. And let us know, below, if you have your own tips to enjoying porn with your guy.

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