Ask Dad: Who's Better, Mommy or Daddy?

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The women in my life.

(Guy walks in, looks around, stops dead in his tracks.)

Oh crap. This isn't the men's room!

(Guy turns and starts to run out, stops.)

Wait a second. Now I remember. I'm supposed to be here. This is CafeMom.

But I'm not a mom, I'm a dad. What, it's okay? Whew!

(Guy comes back in, takes a seat, stretches out his legs.)

Hi there. I'm Cary, CafeMom's new dad blogger. Sounds like a contradiction, I know, but here I am, and glad I am to be here. Some smart person thought this blog needed a lone male voice in the sea of women, and they chose me. Oh hell yes. I feel like Annie: I think I'm gonna like it here. Yes, I have a daughter. Does it show?


In the coming weeks, months, years (?), I'll be here to give you a dad's point of view on various topics -- love, marriage, parenting, even sex. I can't promise you'll always like what I say, but I can promise honesty, compassion and, hopefully, a few laughs.

Now on with the show.

Today's question: Who's better, Mom or Dad?

Please. That's a no-brainer. Dad, of course. Dads rule. We wrestle, we fix things, we mow the grass, we teach our kids how to ride a bike, we know things and give good advice.

What's that you say? Moms do those things, too? Yes, I suppose they do. They also read to kids at night, give lots of hugs and kisses, make boo-boos better, change diapers and lie down with kids who can't go to sleep. But then Dads do all those things, too.

You see where I'm going with this. It's a tie, of course. Moms and Dads both do lots of things for their family, and not always the things some people might expect. In my house, Dad does laundry, makes dinner, helps with homework, takes his daughter to Brownies. Mom does yard work, fixes things that are broken, takes the kid camping, loves the hardware store. And vice versa.

So who's to say which parent is better when both are equally invested and involved and capable? No one. There is no better. It takes both, and we both rock, moms and dads alike. What's better, air or water?

I admire all parents. Especially the ones who do it alone and have to be both mother and father, as my dad did when I was growing up. Parenting is hard work regardless of the gender or marital status of the parent. All deserve our respect.

Well, except the ones who let their kids run freely around restaurants. That drives me nuts. Please don't do that. Thanks.


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